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"Jennifer Bloom is a true artist. Her ability to capture the character in your pet is incredible. She sat down and went over photos with me which helped find the defining features of my girlfriend's dog. She was very timely and we are very happy with her work. Thanks!"

~ Jake

Jennifer was a delight to work with. She really listened to what I felt would be a fit for my mom, in painting Mom’s dog, Moe. She captured Moe’s “smile” and truly made him look as happy as he always was with Mom. Mom is thrilled to have such a beautiful reminder of her favorite little friend. Thanks, Jennifer, for this special tribute. Thanks again!


I've been meaning to send you this correspondence for some time now.

August 9th, my beloved friend Francois peacefully passed away. I was with him as he took his final breath.

The painting you did of him sits atop an antique cabinet in my dining room. Francois loved to be photographed, and when you asked if you could photograph him for this painting I gladly accepted (on his behalf of course!). You captured his essence supremely and I am most fond of the painting and most especially of the colors you selected.

Francois was cremated with a beautiful floral20arrangement from my garden. Your painting reminds me of the days when he could go outside and sit amongst my lavender plants. I cherish these memories and am reminded of them when I look at the painting. Your work is wonderful and reminds me so much of him. I'm so glad I did it before he passed away and I would highly recommend it to anyone that would like to remember their pet forever.

Thank you so much Jennifer, Francois could not live forever, but the painting can.

~ Leah

Sandy and I were delighted with Bill's portrait, so lively and colorful. Bill the cat, himself was rather unimpressed but then, as you captured so well, he's just That Kind Of Cat. It was a pleasure helping you establish what we wanted and you delivered beautifully. Your work is the centerpiece of our living room and much admired.


Chris (bought as a commission at auction at "Tuxes and Tails" for the Humane Society)

WOW! was my reaction when Jennifer showed me the finished painting of my two dogs. I am thrilled with the end product and can't wait to display it..

I first met and saw Jennifer's work at a Seattle Kennel Show over a year and a half ago. Her paintings were so colorful, humorous, often whimsical and she was really able to express the animal's personalities in her paintings.
I took her card and never forgot that I wanted a painting at some point from her, too!

My husband and I met her at a coffee shop and casually went through a few photos of our dogs and discussed her ideas and she listened to ours. she showed us her portfolio, and was very professional about her work. She was very easy to talk to and she came up with several fun options. She emailed and called me as she was finishing the painting to go over some details in the painting. The painting was finished in less than a month!!

I'm looking forward to having her now paint our three cats!!

Thanks, Jennifer!

~ Erica Gross and David Gilhooley, Sammamish,WA and Darien,CT

My painting, Igmu Gleska, is beautiful.  After Igmu's death, I was devastated.  The process of working with to complete the painting and the wonderful result have been very cathartic.  Every time I look at his painting, I see him (you truly captured his spirit), and having my little buddy memorialized in such a way is perfect for me. I've had nothing but raving compliments on the painting as well, which makes me feel great.  Friends who knew Igmu say, "Wow, it really is him!" without my even mentioning how artfully you painted him!  Not only that, they think it is an amazing piece of art.  I will cherish it forever.  I would like to have my Weimaraners done next, while they are alive!

I can't begin to thank you.  It doesn't seem sufficient. 

~Jewels Nieschulz

I have been looking for several years for an artist to create a portrait of my female dalmatian, Zoey.  I was introduced to Jen and checked out her website, I loved the colors and textures of the artwork displayed and met with her to discuss creating a portrait of Zoey.  I brought several photos and we decided on one.  I was very pleased with the result, I really appricaited the chance to meet with her and look at the painting before being presented the finished product,  I was able to offer suggestions and ask questions, she was very easy to talk with and readily accepted my one and only request.  The colors and textures are exactly what I was looking for, it is a bright and vibrant painting displaying Zoey as the "Diva Bitch" she truly is.  Jen took the trouble to recreate Zoeys spots and patterns exactly!!  I was really impressed, dalmatian spots arent easy to duplicate in a painting.  I meant to hang it in my bedroom, but the painting is hanging in my living room, place of honor over the mantle.  I love it.


I want to thank you again for such a wonderful picture of my best friends. You really brought out their personalities and I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for an original painting. I wish you great success my dear.

~Susan Schauer

Jennifer's painting of my dog, Gracie, captured her to a tee! She has a very unique talent! She captures the essence of her subject very well. I highly recommend her.

~Judy Harding from Georgia

While visiting my local coffee shop Local Color, I saw a wonderful painting of two fish swimming in a bowl. I knew then and there that I wanted it, but did not have the time at the moment to buy it. I was expressing my sadness to the owner of Local Color and she mentioned she could call Jennifer to custom make another one for me. We did and I love it. She did not do an exact duplicate, she custom made a painting for me with my color choices in mind. I bought it for my daughter's room and she is a happy girl. It is a beautiful painting that my daughter will love for years to come.

~Lisa Francoise

Thank you Jennifer - I just wanted to let you know that the painting is already on the wall. We love it! Also, Rawly quite likes it. It was so funny when I just leaned it against the fireplace. Rawly sat in front of it and started to act like he was going to bark at the dogs in the picture. Then he would thought about it a little bit and then looked back at the painting. It took him about 3-4 minutes to determine that he didn't have to attack the painting. Very cute, if I do say so myself.

~Donna Spencer

When I saw on Floating Bridge Press's website all the pieces available at their art auction/lottery on September 5, 2008, I was immediately struck by Jennifer's beautiful painting of brightly colored fish. I decided it was in my top 5 to pick. But at the auction, I was able to see everything up close and personal, and her painting was even more vibrant and alive. This was now my clear favorite and I prayed that when my number was chosen, it was still available. (I was nervous because I had heard many people comment that they wanted it.) So it was an absolute thrill when my number was the very first number called (no kidding)! And I was able to run up and claim Jennifer's beautiful painting as the very first choice of the night! Thanks so much Jennifer for your generous contribution. The painting looks so wonderful in my home!

~Anne Ducey, Seattle, WA

What a great experience it was to work with you to be able to surprise Susan with this painting of Ladybug. From seeing your card at Vivace to the point of presenting your final work to us, I felt like we were in total harmony on my expectations of what the piece would be and yours of what we would see in the final product. You captured Ladybug in that piece and we are so grateful to have her back with us.

~Mark from Australia for his wife Susan (surprise gift)

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